Real world experience

Your first question to any company saying they can help you is “Have you done this before?”

Compelligence was founded by two competitive intelligence professionals who have over 30 years of combined CI experience. They recognized there are several challenges of running an effective CI teams that traditional competitive intelligence firms, and traditional competitive intelligence management systems (CIMS), could not address.

Compelligence is the single partner for both software and services.

Some vendors provide services.  Most of the time this simply discrete outsourced research projects.  Other vendors focus on Win / Loss research.  Even those often lack an effective information management system to deliver those results, such as an integrated solution for  Some vendors provide software, but in many cases that software is a point-product, such as a fancy news reader, and not a true platform.

Compelligence provides a broad range of services, consulting and systems from a team that has done it before.

Unique competitive intelligence software for the entire firm.

Not all software is alike.

Most CI software was built by people that have never built a competitive intelligence function.  Compelligence software was built by individuals that were helping sales teams win deals with dynamic intelligence battle cards, win/loss analysis, quarterly strategic assessments, and more.

Compelligence helps you build a business function.

CI is not just a research.

Being “Competitive” is about building a regular set of business processes that contribute to the success of a firm.  Yes, research is a discipline and a tactic.  But research projects should not be one-off events.  Research should be part of an integrated approach that includes research, environmental scanning, sales support, training, executive coaching, planning, and more.

Based on a Competitive Intelligence Organizational Methodology

CI is different.  Many organizations want it, but few know what ‘it’ is or how to do it.  Through 30 years of experience, the Compelligence team has developed a set of organizational practices that we use to assess your current state of competitiveness, gaps to becoming more competitive, and help teams improve their organizational performance.