Ed Allison: Managing Partner and Founder of Compelligence, Inc.

Working to change the way companies compete and win, Ed Allison is the Managing Director and co-founder of Compelligence, Inc. a competitive, market, and sales intelligence platform.

Ed previously served as a competitive team leader at Cisco Systems, Symbol Technologies, Juniper Networks and Polycom.

In his most recent engagement, Ed helped Polycom, the leader in video communications, grow from a $1B to a $1.4B annual sales.

Ed Allison brings a history of front-line competitive experience. He’s a practitioner, not a theorist, of competitive, market, and customer intelligence leadership at large, marketing-leading technology companies. Ed developed analysis and strategy techniques as a military officer in the U.S. Army (Signal Corp) and has adopted those techniques to strategic planning and sales effectiveness.

Ed Allison speaks regularly at industry events such as Frost & Sullivan Mind eXchange, The Altamont Group executive education series, Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) and other industry events.

Mitch Emerson: Co-Founder and Advisor

Mitch worked alongside Ed to cofound Compelligence and build a competitive, market, and sales intelligence platform. He continues to work with the company today as an advisor.

Dan Bruckner: Partner – Finance & Operations

Dan is a Partner at Compelligence. Dan comes to Compelligence with 15 years of industry experience in Revenue accounting and Sales Operations.  Dan is an active CPA and Graduated from Santa Clara University in 2008 with his Masters in Information Systems and MBA.

Jesus Ramos: Partner / Technical Advisor

Jesus brings decades of technical experience to Compelligence. After studying Industrial Engineering the University of Lima and Computer Science at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, he worked as a consultant to General Electric before serving as President and CEO to both Technical Services Associates, Inc. and Puridom.  Most recently, Jesus was a Founding Partner at Xperience Incorporated.

Nicholas Ong: Quality Manager

Nicholas studied History at the University of Portland and is the Quality Manager for Compelligence.

Claren Ruth: Market Analyst

Claren is a Market Analyst at Compelligence. She studied History at UC Berkeley and has been with the company for 2 years.