Please browse through our collection of competitive intelligence white papers that will provide insight and tips on a variety of competitive marketing and sales strategies.


White Paper Name Summary
Creating Effective Competitive Positioning Learn how to provide your sales teams with positioning strategy that will help beat the competition.
10 Steps to a New CI Program This white paper provides guidance for establishing a new top notch CI program. You can also use the ideas in it for improving an existing program as well.
Compelligence Competitive Maturity Model Learn the 5 levels of the Compelligence Competitive Maturity Model and how to make your company more competitive.
Identifying, Classifying, and Responding to Trends Don’t let changing industry trends leave your business behind! This paper provides an overview of a process to track, classify, and respond to trends.
The Art of Comparison Your customers are comparing you to your competitors. Learn how to use comparisons in your strategy development.