A Compelligence Partnership is a Win-Win Opportunity

A Compelligence partnership helps everyone involved, most importantly our customers and our partners.  There are many reasons to partner with Compelligence but all come back to one thing:  Increasing the value you provide to your clients, and the satisfaction your clients receive for the investment they are making in a traditional Competitive Intelligence program.

Compelligence’s partner program is a great addition to Competitive Intelligence Services firms that are looking to make a difference and expend and diversify revenue streams.


We have three different levels of Compelligence partnership:

  • Content Partners: We work on a referral basis with our content partners.  Content partners are brought in when clients are in need of special projects or content to populate their Compelligence System.  Our Content Partners have experience in a variety of industries, helping clients with primary research, content creation, win/loss analysis, and production of other typical CI products. Our clients benefit by getting the best CI services in the industry to help them build their portfolio of intelligence products.
  • Managed Service Partners:  Our Managed Service Partners offer clients a complete “CI-as-a-Service” offering.  By using the Compelligence System, our Managed Service Partners function as a CI resource for small companies who don’t have the resources or background in CI.  The Managed Service Partner populates and maintains the system, and provides intelligence and sales guidance to the client.
  • Professional Services Partners: Our professional services partners are certified Compelligence experts.  They provide our clients initial training and configuration services for their Compelligence System, as well as ongoing support in some cases.

Interested in becoming a Compelligence Partner?

Contact us today so we can explore how Compelligence can help you increase your revenue stream and offer more value to your customers!

Our Partners

Aurora WDC: Aurora WDC is a full-service CI organization that can help with primary research projects and CI program development.  They have experience in a wide variety of industries as well.

The Business Intelligence Source:  The BI Source is a great resource for primary intelligence and custom projects.  From Win/Loss analysis to market research projects and product development insight, The BI Source is an excellent provider of BI services and content development.