Compelligence Story

Compelligence, Inc. was founded by two CI professionals who have over 20 years of combined CI experience.

They recognized there are several challenges of running an effective CI organization:

  • Sales teams consistently want customized CI data that is specific to their deal, and CI analysts are constantly making custom excel sheets and slide decks
  • Competitive content is frequently located in different places in the company and is difficult for sales teams to locate quickly
  • Executives want up-to-date information on industry threats and trends
  • Tracking multiple competitors, each with multiple products and services is a challenge of scale
  • There are few effective means for collecting competitive information from multiple parts of the company
  • Gathering win/loss data and associating it with trends is a time-consuming and frustrating process

After surveying several different products and solutions in the market and not finding one that was “just right” for their needs, the two founders developed one on their own.

It was originally intended to help manage their day-to-day jobs of managing CI organizations at different companies, but after nearly 3 years in development, they saw the opportunity of something bigger: the opportunity to help other organizations realize the value of their competitive data and how to make it effective.

By combining CI Best Practices and methodology with a tool that was custom-built for managing all aspects of running a CI program, the Compelligence System was born.

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