March 11, 2013– Today, Compelligence, Inc. released their new Dynamic Comparison feature in their continued quest to help companies improve their competitive maturity. Dynamic Comparison makes it easier for competitive, marketing and sales teams to understand and compete against new competitive offerings.  With the feature enabled, competitive marketing teams are able to quickly assess and distribute information to sales, providing critical guidance on how to position their products or services.

This eliminates a problem that exists in many companies:  when a competitor announces a new product, sales people typically have to wait for collateral to be created that provides a competitive comparison and overview of the new competitor product.  During the time, chaos and uncertainty are common.  Sales people do not know how to answer customer questions regarding the competitor, they do not know what strengths or weaknesses may exist in the new product, and they do not know the capabilities of the new threat.  In the struggle to find answers, current sales opportunities are left vulnerable to the competitor.

One of the challenges of responding to a new competitor product is in determining the context of the threat.  That context comes from understanding where the potential attack and defense areas for the product exist.  With the Dynamic Comparison feature, a user simply enters the characteristics of the new product and Compelligence will automatically identify the strengths and weaknesses of it, relative to different products or to the industry as a whole.  Those strengths and weaknesses are immediately made available to sales groups in an easy-to-consume format.  At the same time, this information can be used by marketing teams to create targeted positioning strategy against the new competitive offering, and it can also be used by product teams to identify areas for product improvement.

The obvious benefits of this feature are twofold:  first, it helps sales teams to win deals faster by ensuring they always have the latest competitive info that is customized to their deal.  Second, it helps CI and marketing teams to more efficiently understand and respond to new threats from a competitor.  By increasing both sales efficiencies and CI processes, companies can improve their competitive maturity.  Companies that have a higher competitive maturity are more readily able to persist and out-maneuver their competition.

This powerful, new Dynamic Comparison feature is included free in the Compelligence platform.  Current users already have this functionality available to them with no upgrade charges and no new software to install.

About Compelligence, Inc.

The Compelligence System is designed to help sales teams wins deals faster by allowing sales teams to get deal-specific competitive information in an on-demand fashion.  It also helps CI teams collect and process vast amounts of disparate competitive data, thereby improving their analysis capabilities.  By combining the Compelligence System with education about CI best practices and processes, Compelligence helps their clients to improve their competitive maturity.   To find out how you can improve the competitive maturity of your organization , please visit or e-mail at