August 11, 2012 – Compelligence, Inc, and Act-On Software will provide a joint webcast on Bright Talk’s Technology Marketing channel on August 23rd, 2012 at 8:00am.  The presentation, titled “Lead Intel:  Readying the Field to Successfully Follow Up on Marketing Leads” will provide an overview and strategy of how to prepare a sales field to effectively approach qualified sales leads.

Finding qualified leads is a critical sales process in a fast-paced market.  The more interest that a potential customer has before even viewing a product or service, the easier the sale should be.  However, if a sales person is not prepared to talk about competitive advantages or comparisons, that qualified customer may become more interested in your competition.  So much of marketing’s attention is focused on generating leads. But being prescriptive about the hand-off from sales to marketing – and ensuring your sales team is prepared to follow-up on those leads – is critical to ensuring the success of your marketing campaigns.

Ensuring the sales team has the information it needs at its fingertips will enable them to see the whole picture — and make the hand-off from marketing to sales as smooth as possible. Join Jeff Linton from Act-On Software and Mitch Emerson from Compelligence  as they discuss what information marketing needs to provide to their sales team to enable targeted conversations with leads – and, ultimately, drive increased revenue.