June 25, 2012 – Compelligence, Inc., creators of the new Competitive Intelligence Management System (CIMS), today announced that Act-On Software, provider of the fastest growing, cloud-based marketing automation platform, has increased the company’s competitive capabilities by implementing the new CIMS. The Compelligence System is a complete set of Competitive Intelligence (CI) tools that are designed to help sales teams win deals faster as well as to streamline the CI process.


Jeff Linton, senior product marketing manager at Act-On, evaluated the product extensively and says, “Compelligence allows us to inform and educate our sales teams in the US and India, all from a single integrated interface. This has enabled our sales team to maximize their success.”


By utilizing the Compelligence System, Act-On has centralized the company’s competitive information and made it easy for the sales teams to get customized self-help from inside of Salesforce.com whenever it is needed. Jeff Linton elaborates: “Information about the competition is key—and Compelligence allows me to have a single input source for our messaging, as well as data on how we differ from our competitors. I make one change and it’s available to all of our sales representatives. Whether it is documents of any format, links, pricing changes, competitive messaging, everything is current and up to date – and in one place. The integration with Salesforce.com is key; our reps do not have to login to another system to get the data they need to respond appropriately and immediately to a prospect’s inquiry.”


“Act-On was a great client for us to engage. The marketing automation field is a rapidly growing and changing market and it was exciting to see how smoothly our system fit into Act-On’s methodology,” said Compelligence, Inc.’s co-founder, Mitch Emerson. “We truly view our clients as CI peers, and we learned as much from Act-On as they did from us.”


About Compelligence, Inc.

Compelligence is a newcomer to the CI industry, having just launched their system at Dreamforce in September, 2011.  The Compelligence System is designed to help sales teams wins deals faster by allowing sales teams to get deal-specific competitive information in an on-demand fashion.  It also helps CI teams collect and process vast amounts of disparate competitive data, thereby improving their analysis capabilities.  By combining the Compelligence System with education about CI best practices and processes, Compelligence helps their clients to improve their competitive maturity.   To find out how you can improve the competitive maturity of your organization , please visit www.compelligence.com or e-mail at info@compelligence.com