Most companies that offer Competitive Intelligence products were inspired by Porter or by an MBA class.  And while this is a valid way to form a CI firm, it unfortunately neglects addressing the biggest challenge that most CI teams face: showing value to their firm.   Compelligence is different.  Because it is a system, it will first help your team build data, quickly conduct analysis, and add value at specific levels of your company, starting with sales.


The Compelligence Methodology is transformational and focuses on six key areas of corporate performance.  Five of them are main indicators of the level of CI maturity within an organization:

  • Corporate culture
  • Competitive team deliverables
  • Competitive sources
  • Competitive systems
  • Investment (and measure of return on investment) of the Competitive Intelligence program.

The 6th main area of focus is really the first.  It begins with focusing on an experienced team that can help identify areas to target, how to engage, provide and measure value, and expand the influence of the Competitive Intelligence program. This is where Compelligence comes in. It provides the over-arching support that enables a company to grow in the five main CI maturity levels.