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Competitive Intelligence Compelligence 2016

Compelligence 2016 is a release that takes customer input over 3 years of feedback and combines that with over 30 years collective practitioner experience to bring you the Enterprise Competitive Intelligence Platform.

What is a Competitive Intelligence Platform?

Tech blogger Jonathan Clarks states that it is much more important to think of a platform as a business framework. By this I mean a framework that allows multiple business models to be built and supported. For instance, Amazon is an online retail framework. Facebook is a social media framework. Apple iTunes is an online micropayment framework.

A platform is a software must

  • Support an entire business framework, that supports multiple business models.  An example would be do you have seperate intelligence product set for sales, marketing, product management, and executives?
  • Integrate with enterprise class solutions that support the business process.  For example,
  • Must align with IT policies and support elements such as enterprise identity management platforms such as Active Directory and ADFS.
  • Must add value autonomously, and in multiple application areas, to greatly increase the productivity of the user or team.

What a platform is not

  • A news dashboard or application.
  • A software application that supports only a single company’s professional services delivery.
  • A discovery system that requires manual categorization, limiting the productivity gains of the user or the team.

With Compelligence 2016 we believe we have achieved something that may be an intelligence industry-first:  An Competitive Intelligence Enterprise Platform.  Why? Compelligence 2016 supports

  • A deep integration with delivering automated intelligence to Sales organizations greatly increasing the reach and effectiveness of the intelligence organization.
  • A SSO capability so that no users must be added to the application manually.  This makes integration into centralized intranets, such as Sharepoint,  clean and easy.
  • Automated news scanning with autonomous intelligence and proprietary relevancy and sentiment algorithms.
  • A new user interface that supports the business processes of users – this is not your grandfather’s database 🙂
  • A Win / Loss solution that enables Intelligence teams to collect from their field, and then easily support the field with their own ‘field voice’.
  • Automatic identification and classification if competitor events, which aids in analysis such as feature velocity and product release schedules.
  • Integrated project management platform to support the modern virtual team.
  • …and much more.  All delivered from the cloud (SaaS) which mean no installation and maintenance.

Why did we build this?

We were practitioners, like you.  We were trying to piece together solutions using Microsoft tools, intranets,, Marketo, and more.  All our applications were lacking the connections required to both build and delivery intelligence.  So we built one. The difference between Compelligence and other vendors is that we didn’t have an idea for software and then apply it to an intelligence practice.  We were the practice and needed this software.

We hope to hear from you soon to schedule a demo.