We think we are a Competitive Intelligence company, but you may not…

Over the years, I’ve participated in SCIP meetings, read all the articles, witnessed the rise and fall of many CI programs including the famed CI program at Motorola which was always referenced as a bellwether for the industry. I’ve read how Eric Garland left the Competitive Intelligence industry and took quite a few pot-shots on his way out (Peak Intel: How So-Called Strategic Intelligence Actually Makes Us Dumber). Even recently I was engaged directly in a debate on Linked-In about how to conduct competitive intelligence which turned into a debate on what CI really is…

Which makes me wonder. Is Compelligence, Inc. a Competitive Intelligence company?

What makes us different is that we believe, fundamentally, that the first role of a solid Competitive Intelligence program is to help sales teams win more deals.

Yes, I said it. Help the sales team’s win more deals. This is not the only thing that must be done, obviously. But we think it is critical for the long term success of a program. In fact, Compelligence as a software solution and as a process has advanced features of industry-analysis, trend-analysis, and financial reporting and comparison and most of these features support strategic level analysis – but more on those in a future blog post.

So, let’s get the facts out on the table. We are a young company. But we have customers. We are challenging the notion that perhaps there are different types of Competitive Intelligence that include both strategic intelligence and tactical intelligence (if you want to call it that, which could be a misnomer as the word ‘tactical’ implies less value – the opposite of what we think is actually true). But we didn’t come to this position by happen-stance. The senior partners have a combined 20 years of experience at 8 companies.

So, in the end, does it matter? Maybe, maybe not.

But if you want to change the strategic direction of a company with unique insights there are few things you should be able to do:

Have the head of sales on your side
Be laser-specific in the data that supports your strategic recommendations
Have a structured approached that drives consistency and a wide-level of participation

If you can do these things, we believe you’ll be more successful.

So, while you are debating what Competitive Intelligence really is, we’ll be helping sales win more deals, collecting more information, putting that information into a structured, global cloud solution, that turns the entire organization into the Competitive Intelligence team.

Let us know who wins the debate.