Taking Stock of your Intelligence Program

Intelligence Program

17 June, 2016 | Posted in Competitive Intelligence, Competitive methodology, Competitive Sales, Sales Enablement

A few weeks ago I posted an article on my thoughts on SCIP 2016 and the options that practitioners have available to them to support their intelligence program.  Those options came primarily in two forms (and I am generalizing).

  1. Analytics & Discovery Platforms – These are dashboards that try to scan the internet for new information or to find that ‘secret’ that is not yet known.
  2. Services Providers – Those firms that you hire to do projects for you.  This can range from a Win-Loss analysis project to other custom research.

What was missing in my opinion (well, except for Compelligence) was an Intelligence Platform.

So what is an Intelligence Platform and how does it support an Intelligence Program?

The easiest way to think of a platform is that it supports your business processes and integrates with other enterprise applications.  It should be multi-user and support a virtual team business process of intelligence.  And it should enable each and every user in the company to participate in the Intelligence process.

Where do we see this in other areas?

Sales & Sales Operations has Salesforce.com.  Each and everyday they use this application to improve their operations and be more efficient.  (Many sales people may disagree with this statement!)

Marketing has applications like Marketo, and Hubspot.

What does the Competitive Intelligence or the Market Intelligence team have? What software supports the Intelligence Program?

  • Do you have a platform that helps your team with work-flows such as project management, objective-management, and key intelligence topic management?
  • Do you have a platform that has both portals and dashboards, but also can autonomously identify news, events and trends?
  • Do you have a platform that can help not only the intelligence team, but other teams like Sales and Marketing?
  • Do you have a platform that integrates with other enterprise applications like your SSO & identity management systems.

Competitive Intelligence Business Process – what makes us different.

What makes Compelligence different is that the partners were actual practitioners for a combined 30 plus years before becoming vendors.  We simply didn’t find some technology and think that it applied.  We knew what was necessary to build a platform for practitioners, built by practitioners.

In support of this function Compelligence is announcing a new user interface to support those functions in that latter part of June.  Look forward to our announcement soon… and in the meantime I ask you this.

What is your strategy for people, process and technology?  And for technology do you have a point product or a full blown platform?


Thoughts on SCIP 2016 and Compelligence

26 May, 2016 | Posted in Uncategorized

Compelligence had the pleasure of attending the SCIP 2016 annual convention in Orlando, FL in May 2016.  I’d like to take a moment and share some thoughts on what I observed, some of my interactions, and thoughts on the future.

First impressions: Lower numbers … What does that mean? Good? Bad? Other?

Overall, I think the final count came out between 400 and 500 attendees including the exhibitors.  This is down from a historic high of over 2000 attendees in the 90’s/early 2000’s.

I would ask the question of our profession:  What does this imply?  Certainly in the past the national convention has drawn a larger audience.  But something to consider is that now, SCIP is more of a global organization with 6 conventions (I believe) around the world?  In general we should consider our profession – are we involved in a practice that is adding significant value to an enterprise to be considered a growing profession?  Is the future bright… or bleak?

Side-bar:  The root cause of this decline (if you consider the decline significant) can be explored on many fronts including the global nature of the profession, the rise of the internet, the changing speed of the market place, or my personal favorite… has the needs of our customers changed vs. our own practices?  … I wonder.

Personally, I am excited!  I think the profession is changing and becoming more a part of everyone’s job and the most important component is going to be how the entire organization becomes an Intelligence Team.  But more on that later…

Second:  What tools support our profession? (from a exhibitor perspective)

SCIP 2016

SCIP 2016 and the Compelligence booth.

There were a healthy number of vendors in attendance coming in around 40.  Generally, I was really impressed with the quality of the vendors in attendance.  Booth’s were polished and attendees were professional.  There was a clear trend around analytics in the software available and big-data solutions were abundant.  Some traditional / old-school knowledge management solutions were on display.  Other groups in attendance were service-providers / research firms including both general managerial consultants to specific market experts.

As a previous practitioner, my general observation is that the landscape of tools has not experienced disruption.  There have been some significant gains in specific areas of search technology, dashboards, and discovery.  But if I were trying to build an Intelligence division, outside of our offer, I didn’t see a solution focused on helping solve the practical, operational problems of building a function.

Sales have Salesforce.com.  Operations have Oracle.  Human Resources have Successfactors.  … What do we have?  (Blatant promotion:  This is the problem we are trying to solve)

Third:  Where does Compelligence fit and what problems do we solve?

Well, I’ll offer a view of this in the next post.  But before I do, I would like to ask you to consider the question.  Do you have a tool on which to base your entire enterprise practice?  You see… a Salesforce.com dashboard is nothing without Salesforce.com and entire organization using and benefiting from it.  What is your platform, your Salesforce.com so to speak, that is grounding your operational excellence program?

What are your thoughts?

Ed & Mitch



4 Breakthroughs to Increase Win Rates in 2015

3 March, 2015 | Posted in Uncategorized

Wondering how your 2015 will be any different than 2014 competitively?

Want to lose fewer deals to the status quo and to the competition? In this interactive panel discussion, four senior sales leaders show you a holistic framework to

  • Understand the top 6 decisions in the buyers’ process
  • Align your content and conversations to more effectively influence these decisions
  • Assess deals and build sales skills to reduce the risk of losing these decisions
  • Use intelligent systems to increase sales effectiveness and shorten sales cycles

This is how you make BIG sales productivity gains in 2015.

Register to attend today:  https://www.brighttalk.com/r/tPl

It’s time to gain the new tactics, skills and techniques to increase your performance in 2015.

See you on the 11th!


Ed Allison to present at Predictive Analytics & Business Insight 2015

4 February, 2015 | Posted in Competitive Intelligence, Competitive methodology, Competitive Sales

Predictive Analytics & Business Insights 2015
I’m honored to be asked by my friends at Altamont-Group to speak on the topic of Competitive Analytics

Utilize competitive data to help analyze future scenarios to make more accurate assumptionsScreen-Shot-2013-12-11-at-9.42.55-AM

Planning and Forecasting is often based on quantitative analysis comparing scenarios based on assumptions of business forces in your future environment.  The largest unknown is the future and how your competition will play in that future.  What if we could use data to help analyze those future scenarios to make more accurate assumptions.  Using technology we can analyze competitive trends in the market place, track sales feedback via win/loss analysis and compare offers in a more analytical manner to eliminate uncertainty for planning.

Contact me for a special guest pricing on Feb 9th and 10th in San Francisco.


About Predictive Analytics and Business Insights 2015Predictive Analytics & Business Insights 2015 is a vendor-neutral event featuring learning sessions and case studies from some of the leading thought leaders working in analytics and business intelligence today. In today’s marketplace, good analytics are the key differentiator for smarter decision making and gaining competitive advantage. An organization’s ability to harness and leverage the wealth of available organizational data is a key factor in effective, strategic and tactical planning.Predictive Analytics & Business Insights 2015 is a comprehensive learning and networking opportunity designed specifically for business professionals from across functional backgrounds who use analytics in their planning and forecasting process. This comprehensive event combines technical, strategy sessions as well as case studies to display practical usages of predictive and business analytics.

Predictive Analytics & Business Insights 2015 is a unique opportunity for those looking to expand their ability to effectively leverage analytics to predict future events relative to their business. Attendees will instantly realize the difference between this forum and other conferences. Learning sessions are vendor agnostic and there are NO sales pitches. Presentations will be conducted by the most talented corporate experts and thought leaders, both regionally and nationally.