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Compelligence had the pleasure of attending the SCIP 2016 annual convention in Orlando, FL in May 2016.  I’d like to take a moment and share some thoughts on what I observed, some of my interactions, and thoughts on the future.

First impressions: Lower numbers … What does that mean? Good? Bad? Other?

Overall, I think the final count came out between 400 and 500 attendees including the exhibitors.  This is down from a historic high of over 2000 attendees in the 90’s/early 2000’s.

I would ask the question of our profession:  What does this imply?  Certainly in the past the national convention has drawn a larger audience.  But something to consider is that now, SCIP is more of a global organization with 6 conventions (I believe) around the world?  In general we should consider our profession – are we involved in a practice that is adding significant value to an enterprise to be considered a growing profession?  Is the future bright… or bleak?

Side-bar:  The root cause of this decline (if you consider the decline significant) can be explored on many fronts including the global nature of the profession, the rise of the internet, the changing speed of the market place, or my personal favorite… has the needs of our customers changed vs. our own practices?  … I wonder.

Personally, I am excited!  I think the profession is changing and becoming more a part of everyone’s job and the most important component is going to be how the entire organization becomes an Intelligence Team.  But more on that later…

Second:  What tools support our profession? (from a exhibitor perspective)

SCIP 2016

SCIP 2016 and the Compelligence booth.

There were a healthy number of vendors in attendance coming in around 40.  Generally, I was really impressed with the quality of the vendors in attendance.  Booth’s were polished and attendees were professional.  There was a clear trend around analytics in the software available and big-data solutions were abundant.  Some traditional / old-school knowledge management solutions were on display.  Other groups in attendance were service-providers / research firms including both general managerial consultants to specific market experts.

As a previous practitioner, my general observation is that the landscape of tools has not experienced disruption.  There have been some significant gains in specific areas of search technology, dashboards, and discovery.  But if I were trying to build an Intelligence division, outside of our offer, I didn’t see a solution focused on helping solve the practical, operational problems of building a function.

Sales have Salesforce.com.  Operations have Oracle.  Human Resources have Successfactors.  … What do we have?  (Blatant promotion:  This is the problem we are trying to solve)

Third:  Where does Compelligence fit and what problems do we solve?

Well, I’ll offer a view of this in the next post.  But before I do, I would like to ask you to consider the question.  Do you have a tool on which to base your entire enterprise practice?  You see… a Salesforce.com dashboard is nothing without Salesforce.com and entire organization using and benefiting from it.  What is your platform, your Salesforce.com so to speak, that is grounding your operational excellence program?

What are your thoughts?

Ed & Mitch


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