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Hi. My name is Ed Allison and I am proud to join Mitch Emerson and the rest of the team as a managing partner at Compelligence.

People keep asking me, “Ed, why did you leave a great  competitive intelligence leadership role in a large corporation to join a CI start-up?”

My response to them usually revolves around the following things

  • Because competitive practices are becoming more critical for businesses
  • Because traditional techniques for competitive intelligence have failed
  • I believe I can help change that

Compelligence is the result of a combined 20 years of practical Competitive Intelligence experience gained not in academia, a consulting firm, or a branch of government, but rather from front-line practical experience building numerous successful Competitive Intelligence teams at multiple firms. This company is a new, unique idea that grew from the hard lessons learned supporting sales teams, product managers & marketeers and executives.  We are not about theory, but rather we are about making a real and measurable difference in business.

My own career started in the U.S. Army where I participated in multiple tactical and strategic operations and planning events where I observed the importance of undestanding your advisory.  After joining corporate America I learned how corporations apply competitive intelligence techniques.  I read the books and blogs, worked with consultants, and attended local and national SCIP events.  I saw what was working and what wasn’t.

I’ve applied the techniques that work, and in my last role I more than doubled the size of my competitive team, assisted in over $150M in business, prepared analysis for executive teams and the board of directors, and increased the satisfaction with the competitive team from a negative to positive based on internal surveys.

What I learned through my career at Cisco, Symbol Technologies (now Motorola), Juniper Networks and Polycom and my work with others in the Competitive Intelligence industry is that the traditional Competitive Intelligence techniques that are based on outdated thought processes simply don’t work.  We know what does.

So why did I leave?

Because I want to change the competitive industry; I want to help progress a profession;  and I love to help companies win.

I’ve changed from taking a competitive intelligence leadership role at a single company, to taking a role that hopefully will influence the competitive intelligence industry.

I welcome your thoughts in the comments below.


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