Corporate Maturity and Quality Pizza

For lunch yesterday, I had a slice of Domino’s pizza. I haven’t had Domino’s in a while so I was pleasantly surprised to be reminded of how much better their pizza is than it was a few years ago. That little reminder got me thinking about marketing routines. I know what you’re probably thinking; what does pizza have to do with marketing?

We’ll get back to that in a minute.

I know that your company spends a lot of time organizing information and creating sales content (sales guides, battle cards, silver bullet lists). Ultimately it’s just variations of the same information in different formats.

I know this because just about every company works this way. If you are in marketing, you probably create this type of content because when you started your job, someone else was creating it and told you “this is the template we use for sales material.” And before they were doing it, someone else had created it and showed them how to do it. It’s like a traditional art form that is handed down to every new generation of marketing person.

But it’s never quite “just right.” Every day someone is either putting together a new sales deck or a slideshow about some product or competitor, because the “template” material you created was made to apply to several sales deals, not just one. And truth be told, there’s really no way around having to custom tailor information before it can be used efficiently.

Once you’re done organizing and framing what you know, some poor salesman is going to have to shuffle through those battle cards or skip around a Powerpoint slideshow to re-customize it for his or her particular deal. All things told, there’s a lot of time and money wasted by everyone involved in this process that you’re only doing “because it’s way things have always been done.”

Unfortunately, being the best at building slide decks, silver bullets, and battle cards doesn’t mean you’re doing the best at helping your sales teams win more deals. What you might not realize is that all of this time spent creating and reading through marketing and sales materials is a huge, unnecessary waste of resources.

You see, there is a better way.

What if you had a system that could automatically create customized sales guidance for you? Instead of spending time creating yet another slide deck every time there’s a new potential customer, you could be utilizing a system to unify all of your resources and to free yourself from creating or modifying new sales decks, battle cards, and slide decks forever.

At Compelligence, we believe that a mature company doesn’t rely on manually reapplying information, but rather they enter information into a database once, and then automate the time and resource intensive processes. This allows for streamlined communication between content creators and the people actually using the content.

We understand why you might be resistant to this kind of significant change: “But Powerpoint slides are a big part of our sales process.” We’ve heard it all before. But the reality is that growth works through change.

For a company to mature, they must find better solutions to all their needs. This is an opportunity to build real efficiency and effective best practices into your company. Doing something “just because that’s the way it’s always been done” is the best way to get into a rut.

Now back to Domino’s Pizza.

You might remember that Domino’s Pizza used to offer a deal that if you didn’t receive your pizza within 30 minutes, your pizza would be free. For a long time, this was just “how it was done” at Domino’s, because it was a core piece of their brand image. As they continued to invest in that brand, though, they didn’t see a correlation in growing sales.

After their stock hit an all-time low in 2008, Domino’s finally came to terms with the reality that their continued focus on quick delivery had blinded them to the fact that their pizza was about as tasty as the box it came in.

They could very well have poured more advertising money into their existing advertising and brand image, but instead, they decided to try to do something new, different, and better. They even did something pretty radical: they admitted publicly that their pizza was no good and that they were going to fix it.

They abandoned the focus on hurrying pizzas out the door as fast as possible.

Their bold move paid off and Domino’s is still going strong. Within only two years after their stock prices hit that all-time low of $4.00, they had bounced back up to $32.50 per share.

So perhaps it’s time for you to take some bold new steps toward corporate maturity as well.

Maybe your focus on delivering all those silver bullet lists, sales guides, and slide decks is a lot like delivering bad pizza as efficiently as possible.

Maybe there’s a better way to deliver sales guidance and to win more deals.

Compelligence can show you how.