Win deals faster with Dynamic Comparison

Wouldn’t it be great if …

…sales teams never had to wait for analysis and guidance when a competitor launches a new product?

…marketing, sales, and competitive teams could always identify silver bullets to use against the competitor?

…your marketing and CI teams could instill confidence in everyone that they know where your company stands against every competitor and their products at all times?

Now you can, with Dynamic Comparison by Compelligence.

Consider this example:  Your competitor comes out with a new product or service, and what happens at your company?  If you are like most companies, the story probably goes something like this:

A salesperson sends a frantic e-mail to an internal distribution list that says “Help! My customer is considering the new Widget3000XR-10 from our competition. Does anyone know about this thing???”  That e-mail eventually makes its way up through sales management and over to the product and marketing teams, where it gets assigned as a critical project.  Multiple people scramble to get data sheets and information on the new product and try to figure out a way to position against it.  It can take days at best, perhaps weeks in some cases to create and distribute collateral to your sales teams to tell them how to sell against this new threat.  In the meantime, the salesperson is stuck trying to find a way to respond to the customer, while the competitor is in the customer’s office showing off their shiny new gadget.

Sound familiar?   I’ll admit, it is challenging to contextualize a new competitive offering:  how does it compare to your existing products or services? What are its strengths or weaknesses?  Where does it fit in the industry? How do you create new collateral to educate your sales teams on this product?

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Now you can quickly analyze new competitor products and win deals faster.

At Compelligence, we just released a powerful new feature called Dynamic Comparison that eases this process.   It allows CI teams or marketing teams to simply enter the capabilities of a new competitor offering, and Compelligence in return will analyze that new product. It will highlight its strengths and weaknesses, and make that information available to sales teams immediately.  It can help product marketing teams identify better strategies for positioning against the new threat.  It can tell you how that new product stacks up not only against your offering, but also how it compares to the rest of the industry.  And it can reduce the scramble to create new content.  Rather than creating hundreds of panicked e-mail threads and confusion, Compelligence enables you to maintain focus in a changing competitive environment.

So change the story at your company.  Don’t leave your sales teams waiting for guidance on new products while your competitor is closing the deal.   Ask us for a demo of how Dynamic Comparison can help your sales teams win deals faster, and how Compelligence can keep your company in front of your competitors.

Increase your revenue by partnering with Compelligence!

The Compelligence platform was developed to allow Enterprise companies to win sales deals faster by delivering highly-relevant, deal-specific guidance to sales teams on demand.  Now, it can also help CI companies add revenue and value as well.  Compelligence, Inc. has formed a new partnership program that allows partners to leverage our solution.  We have 3 levels of partnership that range from simple referrals to enabling a “CI-as-a-Service” solution for providers.  Please join us to learn more about this exciting program!

WHAT:  We will host a demo and information session that showcases the capabilities of the Compelligence system, and also provides an overview of our partner programs.

WHO:  This session will be of interest to individual CI consultants, small CI firms, and CI companies that offer a variety of services and support to enterprise customers.

WHEN:  The Webinar will be on March 21st, 2013 at 11:00 am PDT

SIGN UP: You can register for this event via the following link:

Please see our partner page here for more information about our partner programs.