Join Compelligence as we present “Winning Competitive Deals with Dynamic Battle Systems & Why Battle Cards Fail”

UPDATE 12/11/2012:  The recording of this session can be viewed at


Competitive Intelligence teams often struggle with questions such as “Why won’t management listen to me?” or “How can I demonstrate that we are adding value?”

We at Compelligence think we have an answer: Help sales teams win more competitive deals.  This lays the foundation for organizational respect that will get your voice heard at the C-Level.

In order to achieve that goal in today’s increasingly competitive environment, new methods must be mastered.  It is time to throw out the “Battle Card” and start using “Dynamic Battle Systems”.

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What is a Dynamic Battle System?

A Dynamic Battle System delivers an on-demand sales strategy that is specific to both the deal and competitor on each and every engagement. What is different about these systems is that the intelligence is automated saving the analyst time and improving sales-teams satisfaction with and participation in the competitive process.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM (Pacific Time)


This session will cover

  • Sales teams’ new competitive needs to win in today’s environment
  • Review of the standard competitive sales tool: Battle Cards
  • Why battle cards don’t work
  • Dynamic Competitive Battle Systems – the new solution
  • How to get Sales Involved in the competitive intelligence and competitive strategy processes

Teams that will benefit from this webinar include

  • Sales
  • Sales Operations
  • Marketing
  • Competitive Intelligence teams

Additionally, Competitive Intelligence services providers can benefit by partnering with Compelligence and providing services to their most important clients.