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Competitive Software

Problem: If you have 10 competitors, you have 10 times the data to monitor, collect, organize, analyze and distribute to impact business.
Solution: Modern Competitive Intelligence requires modern, automated intelligence tools to scale to the problems that competitors create for us.
Why Complligence? Compelligence has advanced, automated, intelligent capabilities to monitor, collect, organize and distribute key competitive information efficiently.

Automated Sales Battle Cards

Problem: Most companies want competitive sales battle cards and many even have them. Still, sales remains unsatisfied, rarely uses them, let alone trust the content. The competitive sales battle cards sit in file repositories and the time invested in creating them is often wasted.
Solution: Sales Battle Cards must be interactive, intelligent and dynamic like our business challenges. This requires a Battle Card system.
Why Complligence? Compelligence delivers the industry's best dynamic sales battle card system based enabling custom sales strategies for each and every deal.

Win/Loss Analysis

Problem: Most companies are challenged to understand why they are winning and losing deals. They may attempt to rely on reporting but this often creates more problems than solutions.
Solution: Sales teams will willingly participate in win loss programs if it helps them win deals.
Why Compelligence? Compelligence Has a unique win loss methodology and information management systemThat provides perspectives from both internal and external clients.

CI as a Service (CIaaS)

Problem: Competitive intelligence teams require unique leaders with unique skill sets. And often competitive intelligence is an additional duty for an existing employee.
Solution: Companies may want to start out with a part-time service or may want to get a service up and running extremely quickly. This requires experts.
Why Compelligence? Compelligence was created by actual practitioners that successfully built competitive intelligence teams at a number of companies, such as Cisco Systems and Polycom.

CI Operational Excellence

Problem: Many teams struggle to make it competitive intelligence and actual contributing function in their organization.
Solution: Learn from those that have actually achieve success in this domain as practitioners and developed a modelTo which you can compare your effectiveness.
Why Compelligence? Compelligence has developed the organizational capabilities modelWhich is a grounded foundation for all competitive intelligence engagements.

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